Volume 1 Issue 4 -2017

Epidemiology of Breast Cancer in Young Women in the Southern part of the Mediterranean Area
  • Yazid Belkacemi*, Pelagia G Tsoutsou, Hamouda Boussen, Fady Geara, Ada Bounedjar, Abdelatif Benider and Joseph Gligorov
Prognostic Impact of Lymph Node Ratio in Obstructive Colorectal Cancer
  • Jacquelyn Turner, Lampros Liasis, George Malietzis, Ayana Chase, E. Shyam P. Reddy, Joel Okoli, Veena N. Rao and Clarence Clark*
Treatment-Related Burden of Illness of Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer with Bone Metastases in France
  • David Azria, Sophee Blanthorn-Hazell*, Alex Graham, Stuart Blackburn and Joaquin Mould