Verizona Group welcomes all funded researchers to publish their manuscripts in our journals, which in turn could spur open access publications and citations for the journals.


  1. The articles submitted by the supporting author/researchers/institutions will be made available through different media available with us i.e., archiving of manuscripts in online repository sites.
  2. The supporting institution/university logo will be displayed on our webpage/journal pages with their prior permission.
  3. Funding institutions/organizations are provided with the flexibility of submitting innumerable manuscripts.
  4. The funding authors/researchers will avail special benefits on their manuscripts.
  5. Visibility and Exposure of articles to readers throughout the world.

Processing Fee

Publishing of manuscript involves many procedures like quality and plagiarism check, locating peer- reviewers, proof reading, typesetting, file format change and web maintenance etc. These tasks involve certain costs which are compensated to some extent by the article processing fee, paid by the authors.

The particulars about the charges are mentioned below:

  1. For Phd students/Post docs: 400 £ (GBP)
  2. For Researchers/Professors: 800 £ (GBP)

The charges mentioned above are same for all journals.

To support us please contact us through the following email