For Reviewers

1. Reviewer Guidelines

What is peer review?

The credibleness of scientific literature depends on effective review. A Scientific paper reflects not solely the authors of that paper, however conjointly on the cluster of readers. While not the judgment of knowledgeable peers as a customary for evaluating the standard of science, it might be not possible to declare content quality.

Reviewers play a major role in publication. Review system (Flow chart) is a crucial method for quality of analysis, scientific validation and publication. Verizona Open Access Journals welcomes scientists, researchers and academicians to work as a volunteer reviewer. Any research worker with Doctor of Philosophy as a minimum academic qualification eligible to be a reviewer. Verizona publishes peer-reviewed Journals within the field of science & engineering. The list of journals is offered here . A reviewer got to review the articles received from the editorial office or the editor inside the specifically mentioned time-period.

Guidelines to be followed while reviewing the articles are:
  1. Reviewers shouldn't disclose their identity to the authors, at any stage of the publication of the manuscript.
  2. Reviewers shouldn't be biased or partial while reviewing the manuscript.
  3. Reviewers ought to submit the acceptance letter once it's assigned to them.
  4. Reviewers ought to review the manuscript inside the provided timeline so as to facilitate timely completion of the review method.
  5. Reviewer ought to directly inform the editor, if the manuscript doesn't meet the standards of the journal or there's no quality content within the manuscript.
  6. Reviewers ought to directly contact the editor/editorial office, if there's any drawback within the manuscript content/figures/tables/experimental knowledge.
  7. Articles are assigned supported the analysis interests of the reviewer. They can approach the assigned editor/editorial office, if the manuscript is on the far side of their experience.
  8. Reviewers need to bear in mind that the ultimate call to simply accept or reject will rely on the editor board.

If you're interested to become the reviewer for our journals, kindly mail us your CV to individual journal mail id. We'll answer you inside twenty four hours.

Review Process

Peer review is a scrutinizing method where an article or a manuscript is scrutinized by review board members who have specialised in the similar field. Each article submitted to any of Verizona Open Access Journals is subjected to a peer review process before it is published.

Peer review is a necessary method for all the Open Access Journals. Scientific review may be a quality-control system that analyzes whether or not all new scientific discoveries, innovations, ideas area unit analyzed and critiqued by knowledgeable scientists before they become wide accepted and seem on-line.


Peer review process enhances the standard of the manuscript and encourages authors to improve the standard of their work.

Peer review addresses several loopholes to boost and revise the manuscript to the specified standards.

Peer review validates the importance of claims and originality of the work.

Peer review systems cover some basic aspects of the manuscripts like the depth of the content and its relevance with the title, methods applied and the results elaborated. This technique polishes the raw manuscript.

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